Our Mission

We exist to lead young adults through self-discovery and development of their God-given artistic gifts to be used in the ministry of the Gospel.
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Why Taproot?


Taproot is a place where individuals can grow,
no matter where they are coming from.  

We are grounded in community and the process of growth.

We believe the unbelievable for our students
and speak into the truest God-given identity of individuals.

We seek to understand each story as unique and awesome.

Taproot is founded on the fact that everyone
has been created in the image of God.

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Collectively, our leaders have committed their lives to
youth ministry for over 40 years— decades of dedication
and determination to ground youth in truth and grow them in the light. 



In a time of asking life-shaping questions, Taproot guides students on a personal journey to discover how their loving Creator uniquely designed them with a purpose that is meant to bring good to them and others.   



Taproot’s programs offer a community connected around the common interest of worship.


In our commitment to journeying with our students,
we offer guidance to young people with the goal of seeing them
grounded in deep knowledge of the truth. Along this journey,
we watch as students gain peace of mind, become confident in their beliefs, discover their God-given identity, and witness life transformation.  

The fruit of this labor is a community of diverse,
yet purpose-driven people taking root,
growing and blooming.


Taproot Underground

The mentors of Taproot Underground are committed to helping our students develop a sense of spiritual autonomy, by helping them grab a hold of faith and calling it their own.  

Grounded in truth and grown in light…when roots run deep, there is no reason to fear the wind. 

Go deep.


Poland Trip

Its branches grew toward Him, and the roots became established.  Ezekiel 17:6   

As the roots of our students become more established, they long for more. More challenges, more responsibilities, more growth, and more fruit. Our Poland trip is a chance for students to exercise their growth.


Community outreach

We meet the students wherever they are on their growth journey, with both local and global opportunities.

Serving within their community allows students to develop strong, deep roots that prepare them for the journey God has for them.  

As their roots deepen, so does their calling. 

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Our events serve as opportunities
for our students to grow, with
guidance and care, while they are
in that seedling stage.

We meet the students wherever they are on their growth journey,
with both local and global opportunities. Some of our students may only be ready to serve and perform at local outreach ministries, like homeless shelters or prisons.

Others may be ready for bigger opportunities, such as our global outreach.
We have a place for students to live out their faith,
despite where they are on their journey.

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The heartbeat of Taproot is the emerging generation:
They are searching for answers – authentic, genuine, heartfelt, life-sustaining answers.

If you seek to understand this generation, if you long to echo the truths of the creator and speak hope, join us on this journey.

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"Give as you love, and measure your love by your gift."
– Charles Spurgeon

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Walk the journey. Feel the pain.
Witness the transformations.
Experience the joy.

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We are all connected, and together, we can grow.

Join the us on the journey.

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