Taproot provides a place for students to exist and grow in truth, by
creating meaningful experiences, connecting in worship, and
providing mentorship in each individual’s journey.

We don’t exist to condemn or judge the ideas and beliefs that our students come with.
Our role is to journey with them and help them discover truth.
We recognize the beauty of questioning and seeking answers.
Because of our faith, we trust that they will discover the eternal truth of Scripture.

Our Values


At Taproot, we balance professionalism with honesty and humility. We deeply value those who allow their flaws to be seen alongside their strengths.

We believe in beauty from ashes.


We aren’t the point here. We are simply encouragers of our students. The recognition of truth and beauty in each individual is the foundation of all that we do. We understand that we ourselves are learning as we lead.

We lead as we are led.


We welcome everyone. We have space for all who seek peace found in the truth and grown in the light.  We work to focus on approachability and inclusion.

We love because He first loved us.


Taproot is founded on the fact that everyone has been created in the image of God. We believe in the unbelievable for our students. We speak into the truest identity of individuals. We seek to understand each story as unique and awesome.


Our Promise

To be mentors, advocates, and partners to our students, by believing in and for the best of each individual.

Our Mission

Leading young adults through self-discovery and development of their God-given artistic gifts to be used in the ministry of the Gospel.

Our Vision

Students will continue to see beauty in different ideas and beliefs but will be grounded in their faith and their walk. Because they have wrestled with the deep questions of the soul, they will be able to empathetically walk with others on their own journey.

Our Team


Board of Directors

Verna Law, Founder/Director of Taproot  
Dennis Law, Technical Director at Fellowship Bible Church
Rhonda Blanchard, Executive Director of Taproot
Joel Blackburn, Worship Director of Roswell Community Church
Gina Vidal, Project Manager Hewlett Packard
Tony Ereddia, Owner of Dessert Innovations
Bill Plunk, Owner of Cimco
Deidre Plunk, Co-Owner of Cimco
Lynnae Hill, Student/Poland Liason
Edwin Estrada, Electrical Engineer at Dasan Zhone Solutions
Zelma Estrada, Administrative Assistant at PPG Industries


Tim Beard  
Brian Shepler
Don DeLoach
Milo Falcon
Kevin Cross
Jim Jenks
Don Leonard
Dave & Linda Kraxberger

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