Weary travelers arrive in Poland

A big thank you to all who prayed for our safe arrival to Poland.  After leaving Atlanta at 5:15 Friday evening, we arrived in Warsaw at 2:00 on Saturday.  Although most of us had not slept in over 24 hours and despite the fact we faced a 2-hour drive to our final destination, our excitement to be on Polish soil fueled our bodies to explore the beautiful city Old Warsaw.  After taking in the sights and sounds for a few hours we headed to Lodz, attended a brief orientation period and settled into our home for the next week.  We are beyond excited to be serving at Kontakt 2018!

Our first full day in Lodz started with a brisk 3.5 mile to church followed by lunch in the plaza at Manufaktura Mall; the site of a previous factory that employed Jews during World War II.  We will kick off our week tonight with a worship time tonight.  All the teams serving with Kontakt this week will be attending tonight and Taproot will be leading our worship!  

We all woke this morning feeling refreshed and ready for what the week holds. A low-key day has helped us gain strength as well.  Each of us pray we will surrender our own desires this week and be totally led by God.  Our team will be going in many directions tomorrow - some will be working with children, some will be rehearsing for our outreach concerts and some will be serving behind the scenes.  Continue to pray for us as we do our best to serve this week.  Pray for rest that refreshes, unity within the team, good health (a few team members are struggling with minor issues), and spirits willing to be used however the Lord leads.  

Look for our next blog...someone different will be blogging each day!  Future posts should be more insightful-today was just the facts!  

Rhonda Blanchard