All for one and one for all!

It is an amazing feeling to unite together with people from all over the world for one cause - to share the overwhelming love of the One and only One; Jesus.  There are teams from Las Vegas, the Ukraine, Belarus, Kentucky, Poland, Georgia, all here to share the message of all consuming hope found in the One; Jesus.  All for One and One for all. 

Today most of our team remained at the hotel to rehearse for an upcoming outreach concert happening tomorrow evening.  A few of us went to serve at Solna; a summer haven for kids in Lodz.  Typically, this haven serves an after school program for children living in the community, but during the summer months it is open each day from 10:30am-2pm.  Each day the kids play games, make crafts, receive a healthy lunch, and hear how loved they are by the One; Jesus.  The kids were reserved and shy at first, but were soon engaging with us.  Nothing like a piggy back ride and a game of kick ball to break the ice!  It's amazing to me that even though you don't speak the same language, some things are just naturally understood...a touch on the back, the holding of a hand, a big bear hug, a smile, a piggyback ride.  

Pray for us as we do our best to communicate the love of Jesus without the knowledge of the language.  Some of our team will return to Solna tomorrow and others will work at a homeless shelter for women. We are thankful love and compassion need no words...we have a lot of that to share!

Rhonda Blanchard