Jest weicej! (There is more!)

Ever have a day you wished would never end and where each moment seemed like it would surely be the peak?  Today was that day.  I'm really not sure why I continue to be surprised by what God does, but I am.   

Today started off with a few members of our team spending time with the children of Solna...those that came yesterday must have told all of their friends because we had three times the number of children today!  We hosted a group of children from the foster care system here in Lodz as well as children from the community.  The children were much more receptive today and seemed excited about engaging.  The beauty found in their faces and their smiles is something that touches you so deeply, words seems to fail to describe it.  What a joy to be a part of making a child who faces returning to a home without a loving family-smile.  It's simple, but deeply touching.  If for only a few hours, their minds forget the emptiness they feel and they are reminded they are lovable and they are loved.  

There is more...the ladies on our team joined ladies from Crossway Church in Las Vegas, as well as a few translators from Poland and served at a women's homeless shelter in Lodz.  It was an all ladies day!  We worked on building a pathway alongside of the shelter, painted a porch, and even serenaded the lovely residents of the house!  It was amazing to watch God make something out of what seemed like nothing but willing minds. bodies, and hearts.  On one side of the house was an old shovel and a pile of bricks and pavers that had been there for a while...from this a beautiful pathway was born.  The shelter had some bright (and I mean bright) blue paint lying around the grounds...from this a dingy porch is now a vibrant blue and an a cheerful place to sit and gather your thoughts.  That's not all - there is more...Verna, Lauryne, Lesley, Lana, Lynnae, Lisa and Angelique all stood below a balcony where some of the residents were sitting and watching everyone work and began a sweet serenade.  It wasn't long before a few of the members from Crossway as well as one of our translators joined Verna and the girls in the most moving worship.  The translator taught the Taproot ladies a worship some in Polish and you have to see and hear the power to believe it - check out the video below.

There is even more!  Our day ended with a concert at an intersection in the city of Lodz.  Again, we surrendered all we had and God created something amazing!  Our band was amazing, our girls (singers) were amazing, the weather was amazing, the crowd was amazing...God took all we had to offer and made something, well, AMAZING.  I have included some pictures from tonight but look for some video to come later.  

Outcomes truly do not belong to us.  God only asks that we be willing to serve, willing to use the gifts he has given us, and willing to trust Him with the outcome.  Today was more than any of us could have ever asked, imagined or dreamed of...and it was all HIM. Romans 12:1 says, 'In light of Gods mercy, offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God-this is true and proper worship."  In light of God's mercy - that short phrase always stops me in my tracks.  Because of what HE has done for us, we are willing and when we are willing, God does MORE!  God ALWAYS does more - more than we could ask, more than we could imagine and more than we could dream.      



Rhonda Blanchard