Poland 2018

As the jet lag wears off we all take a deep breath, dive back into life and long for the days that were so fulfilling.  There is an overwhelming energy that overtakes you when you do what you were created to do.  I think all of us experienced that rush of energy while we were in Poland.  We were created to serve others, love others and bring hope to others - as Jesus would.  When you wake up each day and spend your day doing just that, you feel more alive than ever.  No job, no bills, no family issues, no chores-nothing to drown out our purpose or compete for our focus - just showing the love of Jesus in the most practical ways.  Don't get me wrong, it was work, but it felt like the best vacation ever!  

The challenge is to maintain focus upon returning home.  The greatest commandment to love one another does not change upon our return, but the tyranny of the urgent does scream for our attention.  So, we do our best to not lose sight of the hope our love brought to so many in Poland.  We strive to show love in the smallest of ways as well as the biggest.  We hate sin but authentically love sinners.  We remember and crave the energy that came from doing what we were created to do and let that compel us to do more.  


Rhonda Blanchard