Discipleship & Mentoring

Taproot Underground (formerly Wisdom’s Call)

Taproot Underground is a mentoring and discipleship program within Taproot.  
It is targeted towards middle and high schoolers desiring to worship in spirit and in truth.  

The teachings within Taproot Underground are Biblically-rooted and result in authentic worship that comes from a place of peace and gratitude because of God’s love for us. Taproot looks into the heart of these students first and into their musical competencies second. Our desire is to ground them in truth, so they may never stop producing fruit.

Taproot Underground workshops are hosted by local churches in the Atlanta area and are typically a one to two day workshop.

Go deep.


"I can't say enough about the wisdom and clarity of Wisdom’s Call’s (now Taproot Underground) worship team training. The content is passionate and rooted in scripture using both grace and truth to call worship teams to a higher level of character and competency. If you want to bring your worship team together for a day/weekend of training and renewal, do your ministry a favor by inviting Taproot to teach and shepherd your people. They will not only be revived, but they will become a team of catalysts for worship done in spirit and in truth." 

Testimony from Abby Gregory,
Student Life Worship Pastor, Mount Pisgah,
Atlanta Georgia

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