We are all connected and together we can grow.

At Taproot, we cultivate opportunities for students to live out what they learn
in their communities as well as around the globe. We want them to gain confidence as they
experience and understand how they are uniquely created to make a difference.


Within our community our students participate in:


Community Outreach

Concerts at prisons in the Atlanta area:

Students who have participated in Wisdom’s Call have an opportunity to bring hope to those who are incarcerated in our local communities. 

Inner city ministry opportunities:

We partner with various inner city ministries to lead music and art camps for under-resourced, underprivileged, and marginalized children in the Atlanta area.  

Homeless outreach:  

In our relationships with homeless ministries throughout the Metro-Atlanta area, we work to bring hope in the form of worship and service  during the holiday season.


Global Outreach


Its branches grew toward Him, and the roots became established.  
Ezekiel 17:6   

As the roots of our students become more established, they long for more. More challenges, more responsibilities, more growth, and more fruit.

We take a team on an annual journey to serve the people of Poland, spending two weeks partnering with Proem Ministries ministering to those in need.

First week:
We assist marginalized families in the community of Lodz with small construction and renovation projects during the day, then participate in street concerts each evening.

Second week:
We teach middle and high schoolers from various communities in Poland at an arts camp in Zakosciele. Hundreds of students have come to know Jesus personally during this awesome week, and we're so honored to continue to sow fruit here.

*Our travel is and has not been limited to Poland.  
We have journeyed to Israel, Jamaica, Italy, Trinidad.


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We are all connected, and together, we can grow.

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